How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working

How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working ( 6 Easy Ways )

Ever been in that spot where you’re super pumped to jazz up your WordPress website, only to hit a wall when the Customizer just won’t play nice? Trust me, I’ve been there too. It’s like planning this awesome room makeover and then finding out the paint won’t stick. But hey, chin up! In this guide, you’ll learn How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working.  We’ll unravel the tech talk and walk you through real fixes – no rocket science, just plain solutions.

So why wait? Let’s dive in and reclaim your freedom to customize!

Why is WordPress Customizer not working?

As someone who’s had extensive experience with WordPress, I understand how frustrating it can be when something doesn’t work as expected. The good news is that there are a few common reasons why your customizer may be having trouble with headings, and I’m here to help you troubleshoot them.

Theme or Plugin Compatibility:

    • Compatibility problems with themes or plugins can mess up the customizer.
    • Some themes or plugins might clash with the customizer, causing heading issues.
    • Look out for updates or patches that address these compatibility glitches.

Caching Woes:

  • Enabled caching might make outdated page versions appear in the customizer.
    • Resolving this is often as simple as clearing your cache or temporarily disabling caching.

Customizer Settings and Configurations:

    • Mistakes in customizer settings can lead to heading problems.
    • Double-check all the options and ensure they’re set accurately to troubleshoot effectively.

Conflicts Among Customization Options:

    • Headings might misbehave due to clashes between different customization choices.
    • If various settings impact one element, such as font size or color, conflicts could arise, preventing proper changes.

By addressing these potential reasons for your WordPress customizer not working with headings, you’ll soon regain freedom in customizing and perfecting your website according to your preferences.

1. How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working by Updating WordPress and PHP versions

To get your WordPress customizer working again, start by updating your WordPress and PHP versions step by step.

Updating WordPress version

Updating your WordPress version is crucial as it ensures you have the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches. To do this,

  1. go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. navigate to the Updates section
  3. If there’s a new version available, click on the update button and let WordPress take care of the rest.


How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working ( 6 Easy Ways )

Updating PHP version

Updating your PHP version is equally important because newer versions often come with improved performance and security enhancements.

  1. First, check which PHP version you’re currently running by going to Tools > Site Health in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. If you’re using an outdated version, contact your hosting provider to upgrade it for you.
  3. Alternatively, if you have access to cPanel or FTP, you can manually update it yourself.

How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working ( 6 Easy Ways )

Remember that before making any updates, it’s always wise to back up both your website files and database. This ensures that in case anything goes wrong during the update process, you can easily revert back without losing any data.

By keeping both your WordPress and PHP versions up-to-date, you ensure that your website remains secure while taking advantage of all the new features and improvements available. So go ahead and give these updates a try – freedom awaits!

2. How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working by Fixing Browser Issues

Have trouble with your website’s customizer? Let’s tackle those pesky browser issues! When it comes to fixing browser issues that are affecting your WordPress customizer, there are a few things you can try.

First, make sure you’re using a compatible and updated version of your web browser. Outdated browsers may not support the latest features and functionalities of the customizer.

  • Clearing your browser cache is also essential as it removes any temporary files that could be causing conflicts with the customizer.
  • Another helpful tip is disabling any browser extensions or add-ons that might be interfering with the functionality of the customizer.

How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working ( 6 Easy Ways )

  • Additionally, check if JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings as this feature plays a crucial role in running the customizer smoothly.
  • In some cases, switching to a different web browser altogether can resolve compatibility issues. Popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari often work well with WordPress customizers.
  • Finally, consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) if specific elements of the customizer aren’t loading properly due to regional restrictions.

By addressing these browser-related issues, you can ensure a seamless experience while using the WordPress customizer and have more freedom to customize your website according to your liking.

3. Website Cache Issues

Website cache issues can occur when your browser saves copies of web pages to improve loading speed. However, sometimes these cached versions become outdated or corrupted, leading to problems with the display of your website.

To fix website cache issues,

  • start by accessing your WordPress dashboard and navigating to the ‘Settings‘ menu.
  • From there, click on ‘WP Super Cache‘ or any other caching plugin you’ve installed.
  • Look for an option that allows you to clear the cache and click on it. This will remove all stored versions of your web pages and force the browser to fetch new ones.

Another way to tackle cache issues is by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network). CDNs store copies of your website’s static files in multiple locations worldwide, reducing the load time for users from different regions. By utilizing a CDN service like Cloudflare or MaxCDN, you can ensure that visitors receive updated content regardless of their location.

4. How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working by fixing incorrect URL issues

When it comes to fixing incorrect URL issues in WordPress, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

  1. Firstly, check that your site’s URL settings are correct.
  2. Go to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to Settings > General.
  3. Ensure that both the ‘WordPress Address (URL)‘ and ‘Site Address (URL)‘ fields display the correct URL of your website.  How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working ( 6 Easy Ways )
  4. If the issue persists, try updating your permalink structure.
  5. Go to Settings > Permalinks and select a different permalink structure option.
  6. Save changes and then revert back to your preferred permalink structure. This process helps refresh the permalinks and can often fix any incorrect URL issues.

5. Reset Customizer with a Plugin

Resetting the customizer is a breeze with the help of a plugin. If you’re experiencing issues with your WordPress customizer, using a plugin to reset it can save you time and frustration.

One popular plugin that can assist you in this process is called ‘Customizer Reset‘. This powerful tool allows you to easily reset all the settings in your customizer to their default values.

  • To get started, simply install and activate the Customizer Reset plugin from the WordPress repository.
  • Once activated, navigate to Appearance > Customize in your WordPress dashboard.
  • You will notice a new option called ‘Reset‘ added to the customizer panel.
  • Clicking on this option will prompt you with a confirmation message asking if you are sure about resetting all settings.
  • Confirming this action will instantly revert all changes made within the customizer back to their original state.

This plugin provides an efficient way to troubleshoot any issues or conflicts that may arise while using the customizer. It gives you the freedom to experiment and make changes without worrying about breaking anything permanently.

6. Plugin or Theme Conflict

This is a common problem that can prevent the customizer from working properly. To troubleshoot this, you need to disable all plugins and switch to a default WordPress theme temporarily. By doing so, you can determine if any of these elements are causing the conflict. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Deactivate all plugins: Go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the ‘Plugins’ section, and select ‘Deactivate’ for each plugin installed on your site.
  2. Switch to a default theme: In the same dashboard, go to ‘Appearance’, then ‘Themes’. Activate one of the default themes provided by WordPress (e.g., Twenty Twenty-One).

How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working ( 6 Easy Ways )

Now that you’ve disabled all plugins and switched to a default theme, check if the customizer is working correctly. If it does, you know that either a plugin or your previous theme was causing the conflict.

Remember, it’s important not to leave your website in this state for too long as it may affect its functionality and appearance. Once you have identified which specific plugin or theme caused the issue, you can either look for an alternative solution or reach out to its developer for assistance.

FAQs(How To Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working)

How do I troubleshoot WordPress Customizer if it is not working?

To troubleshoot the WordPress Customizer if it’s not working, start by checking for any conflicting plugins or themes. Next, clear your browser cache and try disabling caching plugins. If the issue persists, consider updating WordPress and its components.

What should I do if updating WordPress and PHP versions doesn’t fix the Customizer issue?

If updating WordPress and PHP versions doesn’t resolve the customizer issue, try clearing your browser cache or disabling conflicting plugins. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to a professional for assistance. Keep exploring for solutions!

How can I fix browser-related issues that are affecting the WordPress Customizer?

To fix browser-related issues affecting the WordPress customizer, you should first clear your browser cache and disable any browser extensions. If the problem persists, try using a different browser or updating your current one to the latest version.

How do I resolve website cache issues that may be causing problems with the Customizer?

To resolve website cache issues affecting the customizer, you can clear your browser cache and deactivate any caching plugins. Additionally, consider using a different web browser or using incognito mode to bypass cached versions of your site for real-time changes.

What steps should I take to fix incorrect URL issues that are impacting the functionality of the WordPress Customizer?

To fix incorrect URL issues impacting the WordPress customizer, you must meticulously manage your website’s permalinks. By properly configuring and updating your permalinks, you will restore the functionality of the customizer effortlessly.


In conclusion, fixing the WordPress customizer not working issue may seem daunting at first, but with these 8 easy ways, you’ll be able to resolve it quickly.

Whether it’s updating your WordPress and PHP versions, clearing browser cache, or fixing incorrect URL issues, there are solutions for every problem.

For example, imagine you have a client who’s unable to customize their website due to the customizer not working. By following these steps and resolving the issue promptly, you can ensure their satisfaction and avoid any potential loss of business.

With the right knowledge and technical expertise, tackling this problem becomes a breeze.